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Green-Frez is an environmentally friendly product which bring no harmful effect to human when come into contact with the solution. There is no skin, throat & eye irritation or burning sensation effect during usage. It does not emit harmful fume or vapor that can cause breathing difficulty, nausea, dizziness or damages to our internal organ or tissue.

Green-Frez does not harm the rubber tree and it’s surrounding root when accidentally spilled or discard off any excess waste water mixture --- unlike formic acid which cause more harm to the trees and it’s environment. In addition, Green-Frez also help to minimize the bad rubber odour smell and eliminating them from worker body as well. Green-Frez has been proven to freeze Latex quickly and increase the cup lump quality by being more compact in the end result . It also help to improve the dry rubber content (DRC) to a certain extend.

Benefit of usage :

1) Fast in freezing or coagulating field latex in the collection cup can help to prevent or reduce

theft incident in plantation.

2) Fast coagulation of latex help to speeding up the production of Rib Smoke Sheet (RSS) at factory

or collection center. Hence saving time and increase productivity of workers in general substantially.

3) Help to increase the DRC of the rubber between 5% - 15% .

4) Help to Minimize or Eliminate uncomfortable smell of the rubber odour and the discharge

water from the rubber factory will not pollute the surrounding area.

5) Bring no harmful effect to rubber trees or rubber tappers compared to normal formic acid.

Providing a safe working environment to workers & plants in general.

6) Enhance the dry cup lump weight by having more compact texture as compared to normal

cup lump freeze by formic acid ( full of holes all over like a sponge ).

7) Economical and user friendly.

8) Non Acidic Formulation

9) Speedy Coagulation of Latex with Green-Frez has help to minimize wash out losses for plantation owner

during raining day. Most ideal to be used especially during rainy season.









Direction of use it:

Add in 1 - 2 small cap (10 – 25ml)  into a latex collection cup depending on the quantity of the latex inside the collection cup/bowl. Normal standard practice is 1 small cap for 1/2 CUP & 2 small cap for 1 full cup . Stir the mixture well for better coagulated rubber quality .

Next day, there is no requirement to put any additional until the taper collect the rubber from the Latex cup/bowl .

Apply about 10ml to 25ml solution Per Latex Cup (Cup Lump)

If you are using them to produce Rubber smoke sheet the general guide is as per below :

For 9kg Latex Tray : 200 - 250ml of greenfrez

For 18kg Latex Tray : 400 - 500ml of greenfrez

The production time to produce RSS has been cut short (because of faster coagulation) so much so that most workers can spend their free time doing other odd job around the factory or in the plantation clearing harmful weed.

Add about 25 ml of GF solution to every 1kg of Latex (for sheet rubber)

      Note : The above is only a general guide. 
                 Your may vary GF solution volume level accordingly to suite your own needs.



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