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Rubber Tree Rain gutter System . A revolutionary method to tap rubber during rainy season


Uncertain rains patterns have been a major obstacle for all rubber plantations. Because of rain, rubber tappers are unable to tap their rubber trees. As a result productivity and earning of rubber tapper drop drastically.


To overcome this problem Rubber Tree Rain Gutter System was invented . Rubber tree Rain Gutter is one of the best protective means which enable rubber planters to tap their rubber trees even during the raining season.

Rubber Tree Rain Gutter are able to divert most of the rain water running down from the top of the tree trunk away from the tapping panel fast & easily through the gutter that is fixed to the tree. Thus preventing the water from flowing into the latex collection cup and damaged the collected latex.

With the installation of the Rain Gutter System, latex wash out problem can be avoided or minimise and latex collection for the day will no longer be a total lost anymore.

In addition, the Rubber Tree Rain Gutter System also help to minimising the tapping panel area from getting too severely wet for tapping hence minimising the wet bark disease.

Scientific research has proven that 90% of the rain loss days could be recovered by using this method. Moreover it is proven that the cost of fixing a rain gutter could be recovered within 3-5 days of tapping.


By using the rain gutter profitability and the productivity of rubber plantations could be enhanced tremendously. Due to the simplicity and effectiveness of this system it has become very popular not only in Malaysia but also in other major rubber producing countries.



Benefit Of Using Rubber Tree Rain Guard

  1. Enable Rubber tappers to conduct their routine rubber tapping activity without interruption even during raining season.
  2. Help to maintain rubber tapper productivity and income without lost of work due to rainy season.
  3. Help to prevent and minimise Latex wash out issue on the latex collection cup due to rain water contamination
  4. Help to prevent and minimize tapping panel area from getting severely wet due to rain water.
  5. More Tapping Days , More Rubber productivity , More Money Generation


How to fix the “Rubber Tree Rain Gutter”

  1. Cut the Rain Gutter & Sealant according to the length you need base on the tree trunk    circumference.
  2. Stick the sealant to the Rain Gutter back surface at the edge.
  3. Smoothen  the rough dry skin of the rubber tree & clean off the dirt or any loose particle.
  4. Staple both end of the Rubber Tree Rain Gutter at a slanting angle directly above the tapping panel. Ensure it cover the full length of the tapping panel until the end and away from the latex collection cup.
  5. Gently press the sealant on the surface of the Rain Gutter to ensure it   adhere to both the surface of  the Rain Gutter & tree bark.

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