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Rubber sector - EziFlow Latex/Rubber Stimulant System


Ezi-Flow Rubber Latex Stimulant is a Plant Growth Stimulant base on a new Generation of Ethephon base formula. Ezi-Flow Latex stimulant has added micronutrients, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents needed for the rubber trees for producing higher latex yield with no or minimum ill effect on rubber trees.

Unlike conventional or traditional ethephon/etherel, Ezi-Flow Rubber Latex stimulant is the only Ethephon base stimulant that can be apply on rubber trees, three times a month and yet does not have ill effect on the rubber trees over prolong usage.

Continuous usage on Ezi-Flow can help to replenish the lost nutrients, rejuvenate tree bark dryness, hence reducing Brown Bass Disease / TPD tendency while concurrently helping to maintain the overall health on rubber trees.

Application of Ezi-Flow Latex Stimulant on all type of rubber trees will help to enhance the quantity & quality of Latex output yield substantially and yet cost effective.


Ezi-Flow Rubber Latex Stimulant Benefits :

a. Applicable to all ages of rubber tree’s and clones.

b. Give Higher Quality Latex Output Yield – without negative effects.

c. Anti-fungal agent present.

d. Help to Reduces Tapping Panel Dryness (TPD)/Brown Bast.

e. Continuous application help to increases or sustain dry rubber content

to between 30 – 40 DRC.

f. Rejuvenates low & non productive trees back to normal and help to enhance

the tree resistance to fungal attack.

g. Presence of micro-nutrients for more healthy trees growth.

h. Cost Effective & User Friendly

i. Storage / shelf life of up to 24 months

Directions Of Use

1. Remove the dry Latex layer on the tree’s tapping groove

2. Dip once into EZI-FLOW (Ethephon Base) with a brush (5 - 10mm)

and gently apply onto the tapping groove of the tree ( one application

amount to about 1 gram approx.)

3. After applying, rub again gently onto the tapping groove with the brush

to enable the absorption of EZI-FLOW (Ethephon base) completely

4. Leave for at least 48 hours before the 1st tapping on the rubber

tree (avoid tapping on the same day of application). Subsequent

application, tapping on the rubber tree can be done after 24hr.

5. This application should be repeated once every 10 days to achieve

effective results.

6. Once in every 3-5 days for unproductive/unhealthy sick trees

until effective results for a period of 2-3 months then return to

regular 10 days interval applications



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