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YanzCorp involvement in the Agriculture sector started was off in collaboration with our Malaysian rubber board (LGM) in the development of a Gas Dispensing Kit for their Ethylene Gas Stimulant System.


Since then we have move on to produce & market our own traditional ethephon / etherel stimulant for the rubber plantation. This was follow up with new PVC Rain guard system for rubber trees which is more durable for tropical climate application. Our PVC Rain Guard system has help numerous farmers & tappers to avoid or minimize losses in latex yield during raining season. It enable tappers to carry out their normal tapping activity during light rain shower. Our R & D are currently developing new treatment for rubber trees disease such as Brown Bast (TPD), user and environmental friendly coagulant etc. We have also invested in tooling, mold & die in order to produce our own OEM latex collection cup & spout.


Since then, we have move on to cover the Oil Palm sector working hand in hand with our local blacksmith and aluminium extrusion co. in partnership by producing & marketing all the Harvesting tools that are needed in the oil palm plantation. Tools like harvesting Sickle knife, Chisel knife, Spike, Hooks, Axe, and aluminium telescopic pole has been well known and widely use in Oil Palm plantation world wide.