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Specialize in Customize Rubber & Plastic
Extrusion Manufacturing Services.


Our associate/affiliate partner has been in the extrusion manufacturing service for almost

20years especially in the Engineering, Auto & Building construction industries application.


We have collaborated with many Building Architect& Consultants in providing designing &

technical drawing services on gasket seals & strips profile for many high rise building &

engineering projects for both domestic & international clients from big & small companies.


Our custom fabrication processes include assembly, cutting, drilling, notching, punching & many

others can be done on-line & off-line. We also do co-extrusion to bring together two different

materials during the extrusion process.


Extrusion tooling are designed and manufactured in-house for better Quality Control .


A. Rubber strips, seal, gasket  & profile extrusion :

1. Application of extruded rubber strips, seal & gasket:

Rubber gasket, strips & seal are particularly good for working under extreme temperature

of - 40 centigrade to 100 centigrade with high durability & flexibility, compressibility, elasticity

& good impact resistance.


Extruded Rubber product are widely used on windshield seal, weather-strip, glass run

Channel & Glass glazing seal in Construction/building, Door & Window Seal

for Automobile, Electrical & Household Appliances & etc.

2. Function of rubber strips, gasket & seal profile extrusion:

 Rubber seal/strips are used to stop air, water and dust from entering the machine system,

 protect the machine or parts from contamination and ensure a clean working environment.

3. Advantage of rubber seal,strips & gasket extrusion profile:

Has good Flexibility and Anti-aging capability. EPDM / TPE / TPR / TPV rubber seal/

strips / gasket are useful for many industrial application. They are more flexible than

PVC seal/strips.

4. Type of extruded rubber, rubber seal/rubber strips/ rubber gasket:

There are solid rubber seal/strips, sponge rubber strips/seal/gasket, hollow rubber

gasket/ seal/strips and composite rubber seal/strips/gasket of all profile shape,

size & colour.


Product  Features



 a.Ozone and chemical resistance

 b.Good temperature resistance

 c. Excellent weather and water resistance

 d.Anti-aging & anti-radiation, 

 e. Good Compressibility, Flexibility & Elasticity

 f. Good shock proof


 Material used for extrusion process :


---  TPV/TPE/TPR rubber

---  Nitrile PVC Rubber Blend

---  EPDM Rubber Blend

---  Ethylene Vinyl Acetate - EVA

---  Foam Rubber

--- Silicone Rubber










Rubber Extruded Profile advantages :

--- Flexi & Durable

--- Weatherproof

--- Good sealing

--- Economical


B. Plastic strips, seal, gasket  & profile extrusion :


1. Plastic extrusion profile application:

In Construction Industry, Interior & Exterior decoration,  Advertising, Electrical & Household

appliances, Automobile, Ornament, Furniture Industry,  General Industry & etc.


2. Extruded plastic profile are widely used for:

Door & Window frame, partition, fencing, furniture edging, edge protector, packaging ,

interior & exterior decoration, pipe & tube, conduit, ducting, trunking, tray, engineering

parts & components and many more.


 3. Advantages Of Extruded Plastic:

They are Water proof, Damp proof, Shock proof, Fire retardant, Maintenance free, Easy  

installation, Eco-friendly ( Recyclable material ).


4. Extruded Product Features :

    Available in solid & hollow Strip, Strap, Channel, Angle, Tubing, Trim, Edging, Sheet, etc.

    It can come in all sizes, shape and colour.


 Advantage Feature

  High UV-resistance

  Good aging resistance

  Chemical & Ozone resistance

  Corrosion resistance

  Good shock proof

  Weather & Water proof

  Excellent Flexibility & Compressibility


Material used for extrusion process are :

--- Rigid/ Flexible PVC

--- Polyethylene - LDPE / HDPE

--- Polypropylene - Homo & Copolymer PP

--- ABS

--- ASA / AS








Plastic Extrusion Profile  advantages :

Light weight


High Durability

Weather/Termite proof

Our Competitive Advantages

High Quality & with Consistency

Fast & Prompt Delivery

Competitive Price

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